Renting to friends or family

Thinking of renting one of your properties out to a friend or family member? The benefits are obvious… Helping out a friend or family member, already having a relationship with the person, and having a pretty good idea whether trust is a concern or not. Still, that can spell trouble. And the last thing anyone … Continued

Relocating for a job negotiations

Need to relocate for a job? Then it’s probably a good idea to do some negotiating with your new employer to make the process as seamless and affordable as possible. After all, they want to hire you… so they should be willing to help you move. Here are things to consider negotiating… Full-Service Moving — … Continued

Want to sell a house that needs repairs

Want to sell a house that needs repairs… … WITHOUT doing a ton of work to it? We get it. At Mitten Made Properties, we’ve helped a lot of homeowners sell properties that they didn’t want to repair themselves. How? Well, we’re real estate investors. And we buy distressed properties as-is for cash. We can … Continued

Gratitude is good for your health.

Did you know that expressing gratitude is good for your health? It really is! Studies conducted by researchers in the field of positive psychology have found that gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.  People who express gratitude feel more positive emotions, get greater enjoyment from good experiences, improve their health, cope better … Continued

Emotional Preparing to Sell Your Home

Selling your Michigan home? To most people in the process, your home is just a commodity. For real estate agents, it’s a product that can make them some money, part of their inventory. For buyers, it’s a shiny new purchase that fulfills a need or want.  For YOU, though, it’s probably something more.  It’s your … Continued