Negotiating Your Real Estate Agent’s Commission

Does your potential real estate agent’s commission seem too high? Good news! You can ALWAYS negotiate that number.  (Tip: If an agent tells you that their commission is non-negotiable, it’s probably a good idea to find someone different to work with.) At Mitten Made Properties, we’ve been buying and selling Southeast Michigan real estate for … Continued

College Tuition vs. Home Repairs

Your budget can handle a large expense here and there, but what if you have two coming at you at once? If you have a college-age child and a home in need of major repairs at the same time, this can be a serious challenge. Of course, both are important – so how do you … Continued

Changing School Districts

If you have children, school is a big part of your life – and what drives your daily routine. If your current school district is working for your family, great! But what if it isn’t? There are many reasons why you may want to move into a different school district. Maybe you’d like your children … Continued

Is Your Home Overpriced?

If you are selling your Metro Detroit home, naturally you want to get as much money as possible for it!  Unfortunately, some real estate agents will take advantage of this by telling you that they’ll be able to sell your house for more than other agents will — and they’ll give you a listing price … Continued

Moving Closer To Family

If you’re like us, nothing is more important than family.  At Mitten Made Properties, we’ve worked with a lot of Michigan homeowners who wanted to – and did! – relocate to be closer to their family, for many different reasons. Maybe you want your extended family to be more involved in your kids’ lives as they … Continued

Safety Tips for FSBO Homes

Planning to sell your Southeast Michigan house yourself? Going the for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) route takes some effort, but it saves you money on real estate agent commissions and gives you much more control over how you market your home – and ultimately who you decide to sell it to.  Right now, it’s a seller’s market in … Continued

All About iBuyers

Have you heard of iBuyers before?  It’s a relatively new thing in the real estate industry — massive national companies like Zillow, Redfin, and Opendoor will make you a cash offer on your Michigan home and purchase it in very little time (closing usually happens 7-60 days after you accept their offer). At first glance, … Continued

How To Handle Foreclosure

What’s the best course of action when you’re facing foreclosure in Michigan? This is a tough situation for any homeowner, and most solutions are going to be a little painful. But the sooner you get involved in fixing the problem, the better off you’ll be. The last thing you want is for your lender to … Continued

Getting Unsolicited Offers On Your Home?

They can come in the mail, over the phone, and even via text messages… Real estate investors use all these tactics to find potential properties to buy – even reaching out to homeowners who haven’t considered selling.  If this is happening to you, it can be a little bit confusing — why are random strangers … Continued

Updates Worth Making

Are you trying to update your Southeast Michigan home so you can sell it on the MLS? That’s a great idea, as buyers are attracted to fresh looking, up-to-date properties.  But your budget isn’t infinite, and it can be hard to know what to fix, what to upgrade, and what to leave alone.  After all, … Continued

Cost Of Living: Is It Worth Relocating?

Although Metro Detroit’s cost of living is quite affordable by NYC standards, there are cities that have us beat in the overall budget department, places like Buffalo, Kansas City, Louisville, Colorado Springs, Amarillo, and a bunch more. (Some are in Ohio though… and we know you definitely don’t want to move there. ☺) If it’s … Continued

The ROI on Quality Real Estate Photography

Are you selling your Michigan home as FSBO (For Sale By Owner) rather than through a real estate agent?  The good news: You stand to pocket more money this way since you won’t have to pay an agent’s commission, which is typically around 3% of the home’s selling price.  The bad news: You have to … Continued

How To Lower Your Closing Costs

For people selling their homes, closing costs are often the largest final expense.  In fact, closing costs usually are around 5% to 6% of the selling price of the home. That means on a $250,000 home, you could expect to pay up to $15,000 or more in closing costs.  That’s a lot of money! So … Continued

Paying Off Your Mortgage: What’s Next?

Are you *this* close to making your final mortgage payment? Congratulations!  Housing is easily the most expensive part of every family’s monthly budget — in fact, it takes up an average of 16% of the ENTIRE budget, with many Metro Detroit homeowners dedicating over a quarter of their monthly spend to it. That’s why it’s … Continued