Do You Need To Declutter Your Home?

Is your house overwhelmed with clutter? It can make you overwhelmed too. 

Clutter can play a big role in how you feel in and about your home. Open horizontal surfaces like kitchen tables are notorious for attracting clutter. It starts with that one thing you don’t put away properly: “I’ll just leave my phone charger on top of today’s stack of mail,” and soon the pile seems to attract everything from that watch that needs a new battery and coupons to bobby pins and your child’s A+ math test. It gets to the point that you can’t find your charger and the electric bill is past due. And don’t even get us started on that one kitchen drawer… 

It’s been proven that being in a cluttered environment can induce the stress hormone cortisol, giving you anxiety just by looking at it. Whether you want to put your home back in order so you can relax and enjoy it, or you are prepping to sell or rent it out, Mitten Made Properties has some tips to speed up the process learned over our years of experience in real estate. In fact, quite a bit of progress can be made in just 10 minutes by following some simple steps. 

List Your Rooms from Easiest to Most Challenging
The first step is to walk through and evaluate all the rooms or areas of the house that need to be cleaned. Make a checklist that begins with the neatest room and descends to the very worst (probably the entryway, basement or garage). Then, start with the easiest room and work your way toward the most cluttered. This helps you get into the cleaning flow and allows you to check off a couple easy rooms on your list so you can see you are making progress.

Prepare to Get Rid of Stuff
There’s no way around it. To declutter your home, you’ll have to get rid of some stuff. So expect to – and be ready to – make decisions about what’s staying and what’s going. Bring an empty box and a black trash bag into each room, tossing donations into the box and trash into the bag. Then don’t look at it again. Seal up that box and put it in your trunk for a Goodwill drop-off, take the garbage bag all the way outside, and let it go. 

Purchase Storage Containers
A great way to make a home less cluttered while also keeping some of the things you love is by purchasing elegant storage containers. There are containers that fit in with bookshelves or even act as a desk or nightstand. Get creative! 

Take Baby Steps
Everything doesn’t need to be done in one day. Spend just 30 minutes a day cleaning and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your home becomes serene again. Don’t have a 30-minute block of time? Try using commercial breaks during your favorite TV shows. You can be productive and get ahead of the clutter if you spend those five-minute chunks of time to put away one basket of laundry, open and sort or recycle mail, or go through a single drawer. 

Because Mitten Made Properties purchases homes as-is, they are sometimes packed with items owners left behind. Hopefully our experience sorting and organizing can help you declutter fast. But, if you’re looking to sell your home as-is for cash – without lifting a finger to clean or tidy up – give us a call at (248) 883-3340. We’ll pay all closing costs and we can close in as little as two weeks, so you can start fresh.

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