Evaluating Your Home’s Foundation

You might not spend a lot of time thinking about the parts of your home you can’t see. But what your house sits on – its foundation – is critical to keep in good shape. 

That’s because a sinking or settling foundation is one of the biggest problems Metro Detroit homeowners can experience — and it’s one that you DEFINITELY don’t want to ignore. 

Just check out what Peak Structural Inc. has to say about it:

“One of the biggest dangers of neglecting a building’s foundation is structural damage. A sinking foundation can lead to massive damages in a home. This process is usually gradual and can culminate in major damages occurring over the years. When a foundation has become weakened, it produces a chain of events that can lead to catastrophic and expensive damages.”

Don’t know what to look for? Here are some signs that your home has foundation damage that’s starting to take a toll above ground.


Cracks or fractures in the walls or floors are a common sign of structural problems in your home.

Appearance of Settling or Sinking 

If any of your home’s walls or floors look like they’re drooping or sinking, that’s a sign that the foundation is weakening. 

Foundation Upheaval 

Conversely, if you notice walls or floors that are bulging, that’s also a sign of structural weakening caused by moisture or the soil underneath expanding and contracting. 

Doors That Don’t Work 

One of the first signs of structural damage is doors that don’t open or close properly anymore. 

Gaps in Windows or Doors 

New or growing gaps around the windows or doors is one more sign that the foundation may be sinking. 

Hopefully that helps! The average cost of fixing a home’s foundation is over $4,000 – and that doesn’t include fixing the resulting damage to your house itself. If that sounds like too much to deal with, then you might consider selling to a professional homebuyer like us over at Mitten Made Properties. 

We can buy your Southeast Michigan home as-is, no matter what shape your foundation is in, and we can close in as little as two weeks. Give us a call at (248) 883-3340 to get your fair cash offer!

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