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It’s important to us that the sellers we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want.

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Rick Wilmot Client Testimonial

It was probably one of the nicest systems I have used. They had a good way to give you plenty of information in the beginning to look over. They gave me options whether I wanted to sell it, to hand it over to these guys to do what they do, and it was nice to have all the information to make a judgement call on what works best for you.

– Rick Wilmot

Renzo Testimonial

Mitten Made Properties just purchased our home we were looking to sell. They contacted us, came out and checked everything out, and everything has been fantastic with them. I am glad they bought the property and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to sell. Great company! I am really happy we met up with them.

– Renzo Stefanie

Kyle Client Testimonial

Brandon’s team was awesome. Great experience working with them, I would recommend to anyone else. Really good and informational

– Kyle N.

Client Testimonial - Trevor N.

Brandon, Marie, and the Mitten Made Properties team were first class. They helped us with our properties. My wife and I would highly recommend their team anytime.

– Trevor N.

Fitz Peterson Testimonial

I just sold my house to Mitten Made Properties and they worked with me on everything. Every time I had a question they answered it. They worked on my timeline, I would recommend them to anyone!

– Fitz P.

I was honest and told him what I hoped for, which was to sell the house “as is” – I did not want to spend a lot of money, stress, and time on repairs. Aaron listened to my request and said that, indeed, it may not only be possible, but even profitable.

- Janet S.

Brandon was great throughout the entire process. Highest level of professionalism, responsiveness and consultation. Recommend to anyone.

- Dave T.

Brandon was personable and very easy to work with. The photos of the house were beautiful. He listed the house and it sold in one day! Brandon and team provided a great experience overall.

- Marcelene M.

Brandon’s team- amazing! Patient and kind, always willing to go way above and beyond to help us out or help explain and understand everything. Clarkston Community and surroundings are getting the best.

- Amanda C.

Brandon and his team were excellent! From start to finish… he made the process so easy and the electronic documents made everything so easy! Thanks Brandon!

- Art C.